Final results of the CLEVER study : CLinical EValuation of WEB™ 17 Device in Intracranial AneuRysms

Join Professors Laurent PIEROT and Christophe COGNARD as they discuss the results from CLEVER study, the 7th in a series of GCP studies on the WEB™ device, underlining the amount of care that has been taken in evaluating this device since its launch in 2010.


This latest study concerned the WEB™ 17 and its lower profile catheter. Presented during the recent LINNC Paris 2023 Course, Prof. COGNARD touches on such issues as the size of the WEB™ devices used or how the overall results compare to earlier studies in terms of the primary safety and efficacy endpoints. He goes on to answer questions ranging from: How does the low profile of the latest iteration of the WEB™ device affect the indications for its use? What different types of aneurysms can now be treated by WEB™, which were not indicated before? How does this affect our willingness to treat ruptured aneurysms or smaller aneurysms?
Looking for the answers to these questions? You will find them by watching here.


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