About us

Updated on April 2018


LINNC online is a trusted online reference source for the entire Interventional Neuroradiology, Neurology and Neurosurgery community. Drawing on the output from LINNC, it provides authoritative and robust educational content delivered in an innovative and dynamic format to thousands of online members.

The addition of a pool of experts to the  Editorial Board has seen LINNC online evolve into a trusted daily source for physicians, allied healthcare partners and industry professionals. They find both informative and educative material, archives and the latest updates from the fast-evolving world of Interventional Neuroradiology and Neurosurgery medicine.

All content available on the website is reviewed by an editorial board prior to online publication. The scientific content such as Read & Share, Literature Reviews and cases posted by LINNC online members are peer-reviewed and validated by our editorial board of experts before online publication. Once approved by the editorial board, the content is dated but not updated.

Connecting the community across the globe, LINNC online is an online educational platform.


About Europa Digital & Publishing

Europa Digital & Publishing is a department of Europa Group (Simplified stock company with a capital of 1.000.000€), one of the main European actors on the RSM market (Medical Scientific Meetings).

Europa Digital & Publishing is an internet pole of information, e-learning and services dedicated to the medical world.

In a medical and scientific environment in which information is permanently evolving, Europa Digital & Publishing provides medical professionals with educational websites, offering access to up-to-the-minute scientific information stemming from a variety of activities (congresses, symposia, seminars, etc.).

linnc.com has been built accordingly to the rigour and ethic-based LINNC philosophy and shares the same educational goals.