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In this section, you will find special features that will allow you to deepen your knowledge on specific topics. Articles, interviews, literature reviews, we offer a wide range of content and formats to help you improve your knowledge and optimise your daily practice.

LINNC online special reports



The rise of radial access

Radial access: a neurointerventional breakthrough?

The hashtag #radialforneuro is a social media trend promoting the use of transradial access for neurointerventions. This hashtag emerged in 2019 and has quickly gained popularity. However, it remains unclear whether #radialforneuro is merely a means of self-promotion for physicians on social media or a long-term change benefiting our patients.

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Mevo treatment

Mastering MEVOs: insights and techniques to improve treatment

Following the revolutionary impact of thrombectomy in 2015, could MeVo be the new LVO? Unveil the answer in this exclusive special report, where expert analysis, literature data, and key insights come together to answer this burning question for the future of neurointervention!

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International Women's Day 2023 - Special Report

Let's make the voice of women heard!

On International Women's Day 2023, we'd like to take a moment to appreciate the situation of women in the field of interventional neuroradiology, both on the practitioner and patient sides. Over the years, the position of women has progressed, but there is still room for improvement. Four experts share their insights and perspectives in this special report. Join them now!

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“Tough clots" special feature (3/3): uncovering clinical evidence

In this third and final newsletter, we delve into the critical need for evidence-based clinical management of tough clots, emphasizing the importance of refining treatment strategies and comparing techniques to optimize patient outcomes.

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Flow model

“Tough clots" special feature (2/3): preclinical research, replication & best treatment strategies!

In this second edition of our Special "Tough Clot" feature, you have the opportunity to meet the individuals doing the preclinical research, discovering their approaches and concerns as they broaden our understanding of clots and how to effectively treat them.

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Benefit of Mechanical Thrombectomy in Acute Ischemic Stroke Related to Calcified Cerebral Embolus

 “Tough clots" special feature (1/3): how to deal with challenging situations and MT failures?

The recent advent of mechanical thrombectomy is somehow very similar to the revolution ushered in by antibiotics in the 1950’s­. Most bacterial diseases are now curable, and stroke would soon become like this. However, clinical studies still report a 10-20% MT failure rate, and the early days of MT are now almost ten years behind us. In this first special feature of a series of three, we reflect on problematic occlusions and how we can anticipate such situations.

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World Stroke Day


On the occasion of World Stroke Day 2022, LINNC online offers you a special feature dedicated to stroke including new interviews and highlights to make a world tour of current stroke situation and explore the remaining challenges for our scientific community! Get ready to spread the word about World Stroke Day on October 29 and meanwhile dive into this special feature!

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