The rise of radial access

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Dr. Jildaz Caroff
Interventional Neuroradiologist 
Bicêtre Hospital
Paris, France



The hashtag #radialforneuro is a social media trend promoting the use of transradial access for neurointerventions. While radial access is well-established for cardiology procedures, using it for neurointerventions is a relatively new and emerging field.

This hashtag emerged in 2019 and has quickly gained popularity, generating thousands of impressions on Twitter (Robertson et al. 2021). However, it remains unclear whether #radialforneuro is merely a means of self-promotion for physicians on social media or a long-term change benefiting our patients. Transradial access for neurointerventions [...]



A complete overview of radial access

History, anatomy, step-by step procedure, complication management and more, Dr. João Madureira presents a comprehensive report on radial access. Explore it to deepen your knowledge!

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Need for radial-specific neuro catheters

Addressing the issue of high radial artery occlusion rates with non-dedicated catheters in our field, join the plea from Prof. Frédéric Clarençon for radial-specific materials to improve patient outcomes and enhance procedural success.

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Sharing insights from 100 radial access cases performed with the RIST™ catheter

Join Dr. Riitta Rautio as she presents the first 100 neurointerventional procedures performed with the Rist™ radial access device in a Finnish neurovascular center, and provides her valuable analysis.

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Step-by-step radial access DSA: an immersive experience 

Get an insider's look into the procedure as you step into the operator's shoes, offering a comprehensive understanding of each stage.

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Learn from a master, the radial access from a cardiologist point of view

Allen test? Cocktail recipe? Vasospasm? Compression time? Find out state of the art recommendations from Dr. Hakim Benamer, interventional cardiologist, highlighting strong potential of radial access in the field of interventional neuroradiology.

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Radial access clinical cases

RIST Pipeline
Radial access procedure, an illustrative case
By Marios Psychogios
Published on May 10, 2023

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