FRESH Study: 1st Multicenter Experience with FRED™ X flow diverter with Surface Treatment Technology

Do you want to learn more about the FRESH Study and initial results using the FRED™ X, the latest generation of flow diverters from Microvention? Then, join Prof. Laurent PIEROT and Dr. Johann Du PLESSIS as they review the study outcomes presented during the recent  LINNC Paris 2023 .


With its outstanding X-technology, the latest iteration of the FRED™ family of flow diverters promises to offer improved delivery and resheathing with a unique dual layer design that maximizes apposition and allows for consistent and immediate device opening. Its hemocompatible polymer layer has the possibility of providing reduced thrombogenicity, steady endothelization, and improved vessel healing response.
And the results?


Dr. Du PLESSIS offers the current data concluding that the FRED™ X is comparable in safety and efficacy to other flow diverters – but what about in distal or unruptured aneurysms? Find out more here by watching this fascinating discussion.


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Conference room 10:35:01 am Flow diverter case of unruptured aneurysm controlled by OCT


When the Flow Diverter bites the coil: A Tale of Premature coil


Mysterious Complication after Flow divertor-Giant Aneurysm


Final results of the CLEVER study : CLinical EValuation of WEB™ 17 Device in Intracranial AneuRysms


Conference room 10:20:01 am Distal ICA aneurysm will be treated by flow diverter