1 patient 2 pathologies - 55 y/o male with posterior fossa avm with a prenidal aneurysm

November 15, 2019 - 09:10-09:20
Conference room

Expert panels: Jacques MORET, Laurent SPELLE, In Sup CHOI, Tran Chi CUONG, Wickly LEE, Uday LIMAYE, Yerbol MAKHAMBETOV, Ahmad Sobri MUDA, Sirintara PONGPECH SINGHARA, Umair RASHID CHAUDHRY, Tomoaki TERADA, George Kwok Chu WONG

Speaker: Maria NOOR UL HUDA

Discover the case of an hypertensive 55 years-old male presenting to the OPD with diffused headache, changed gait and impaired balance for 4 to 5 months. After refusing to perform a brain scan, he suffers 10 days after from a sudden severe headache which resulted in a loss of consciousness, and was shifted to the ER. CT scan and MRI reveal 2 pathologies: a posterior fossa AVM and a prenidal aneurysm. How did the team manage this challenging case? Watch it now to find out!