Masterclass #2: A deep AVM is not a cortical AVM deeply located. Its impact on endovascular management

Replay of Masterclass #2

December 10, 2020 - 14:00-15:20

Adam S. ARTHUR, Uday LIMAYE, Jacques MORET, Laurent SPELLE

Reach the most distal parts of the brain to treat the deepest AVM!

For the second Masterclass of the series Laurent Spelle and Jacques Moret receive Adam Arthur and Uday Limaye to discuss deep AVM endovascular treatments. As a basis for the discussion, 2 clinical cases with different outcomes recorded in live conditions giving a ground to the expert from the LINNC to confront strategies and exchange with the audience. Treatment or not ? Which treatment to apply : radiation treatment or embolization process ? Which procedure ? Learn all this in this new LINNC Masterclass !