LINNC China 2023

LINNC Seminar 2023 - China Edition

我们的课程主任,即J. Moret、L. Spelle、V. Mendes Pereira、H. Zhang和J. Liu,为LINNC China 2023设计了一种卓越的方案,展现了他们对创新和可及性的承诺。
因此,LINNC China 2023采用了一种创新的线上线下相结合的模式,巧妙地结合了实体和虚拟体验。这种灵活的方式旨在适应当前形势,努力扩大中国各地的参会机会。而且,并不仅限于此!研讨会将在中国平台Brainmed和Stroke Vision上进行播放,这样您就可以实时参与直播活动,活动内容以中文和英文同时呈现,并且丰富有趣。




In light of recent regulatory developments in China, we anticipate some potential challenges for the participation of Chinese physicians in medical events, particularly medical congresses. But guess what? We have some exciting news to share!

The Course Directors , namely J. Moret, L. Spelle, V. Mendes Pereira, H. Zhang, and J. Liu, have developed an exceptional approach for LINNC China 2023, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and accessibility.

Thus, LINNC China 2023 adopts an innovative hybrid format, skillfully combining both physical and virtual experiences. This flexible approach aims to significantly broaden access to the event throughout China, in harmony with current circumstances.

The program will span two days, with morning and afternoon sessions, each lasting four hours. The Course Directors and faculty members will convene in a webcast studio in Beijing, providing a conducive environment for in-depth discussions on recorded clinical cases.

And that's not all! The seminar will be broadcast on the Chinese platforms Stroke Vision  and  Brainmed , so you can follow the event live, with equally interesting content in Chinese and English.

We are particularly thrilled to announce that access to this live broadcast will be completely free for all healthcare professionals.


LINNC CHINA 2023 -program day 1 - Part1
LINNC CHINA 2023 -program day 2 - Part 1
LINNC CHINA 2023 -program day 1 - Part 2
LINNC CHINA 2023 -program day 2 - Part 2