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LINNC CHINA, the last born of the LINNC Seminar family









国际知名专家的宝贵经验令与会者们获益匪浅。Nathan Manning博士分享了他对Microvention公司出品的Sofia导管的使用经验。Raul Nogueira教授又做了一场文献演讲,内容涵盖机械祛栓的技术综述。




Cristian MihaleaJildaz CAROFF医生,巴黎比塞特医院神经介入科




In partnership with the associated Course Directors Prof. Jianmin LIU (Changhai Second Military Medical University) and Prof. Hongqi ZHANG (Beijing Capital Medical University) as well as a faculty board composed of renowned Chinese experts, the first LINNC China Seminar took place in Shanghai on June 29th and 30th.


lively discussions focused on the specificities of local neurointerventional surgery


How would you treat….in China?

Based on recorded cases in live conditions, the lively discussions focused on the specificities of local neurointerventional surgery.

An example was when Prof. Jacques MORET promoted a staged strategy for challenging anatomy in ruptured cases – i.e., coiling at the acute phase to prevent re-rupture then using a flow-diverter in a second stage for a long-term result. Here, in China, physicians in the audience argued that patients were less likely to have follow-up, so that interventionists were more prone to use a stent directly at the acute phase.

devices presently available in the Chinese market


Nowadays, thanks to technological improvements and the multiplicity of materials, numerous strategies allow us to treat our patients. In Shanghai, course directors decided to illustrate discussions with recorded cases mostly using those devices presently available in the Chinese market.

An international presence – and internationally accessible!



benefit from the experience of the renowned international experts


We were lucky to benefit from the experience of the renowned international experts who joined the Chinese faculty. Dr Nathan Manning reported on his experience with the Sofia catheters from Microvention. Prof. Raul Nogueira once more gave a literature-based lecture embracing the entire spectrum of the technical aspects of mechanical thrombectomy during the Stryker symposium.

Attendees presented many interesting cases


Also, for the first time in the history of LINNC Seminars a live stream of the meeting was broadcast on the Internet.

Attendees presented many interesting cases during these two days, leading to passionate discussions with between the Course Directors, faculty and members of the audience.

Jacques MORET and Laurent SPELLE at LINNC China 2019


The LINNC Seminar team is now leaving China after a very promising first edition…but we’ll soon be back in Asia for the Singapore edition of the LINNC Seminar taking place from November 15-16, 2019 .



Cristian MIHALEA and Jildaz CAROFF

Cristian MIHALEA and Jildaz CAROFF, Neuri Brain vascular Center, Paris.

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