LINNC Seminar 2019 - Asia Edition

LINNC Seminar 2019 - Asia Edition is the Asian meeting of the LINNC family of neuroradiology, neurosurgery and neurology courses. With decades of educational experience, the LINNC spirit embodies the excellency in clinical knowledge, prerecorded demonstrations and state-of-the-art technology trying to find the perfect balance between those – always with the goal to be at the forefront of innovation by exploring the last techniques and breakthroughs to improve patient care.

For the 4th consecutive year LINNC Seminar will settle in the delightful Lion City of Singapore on 15-16 of November, 2019 - National Museum of Singapore. Featuring a board of renowned international experts from Asia and the best neuroradiology educational content wrapped in a disruptive format deeply emphasizing on interactivity with attendees to share clinical experiences, this next edition of the now well established seminar will be once again full of promises.

To show you just how all-inclusive our program is, here’s a partial list of the topics touched on in case presentations and lectures during this 2019 edition.

LINNC Seminar 2019 - Asia Edition is compliant with the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice.


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Topics that might be addressed during the seminar

Arteriovenous malformations

  • Brain AVM’s: how to manage? When to treat?
  • EV management of IC dural AVM – Arterial approach vs venous approach
  • Is there still a place for glue in endovascular management of bAVM?
  • Evolution of liquid embolic agents
  • Strategical decision making in dural malformations


Aneurysm treatment

  • Unruptured brain aneurysms management
  • Intra-saccular devices in ruptured aneurysms
  • Stents design: braided vs lasercut
  • Wide neck side wall aneurysms: stenting or flow diversion
  • Treatment of non-ruptured aneurysms: is there still a place for coiling?
  • Various treatment strategies for embolization of bifurcation aneurysms
  • Technical evolution of endosaccular devices
  • Flow diverters and bifurcations
  • Parent vessel occlusion


Ischemic Stroke

  • Ischemic stroke management: which technique? Combination of techniques? Enlargement of indications?
  • Thrombectomy: Aspiration vs stentriever alone? both?
  • Indication of thrombectomy in patients with low NIH in case of large vessel occlusion
  • Indication of thrombectomy in patients with low NIH in case of distal occlusion
  • Management of antiplatelets therapy during thrombectomy with carotid stenting
  • Failure of thrombectomy: How far to go? when to stop? What is the chance to recanalize if we persist?
  • LVO with low ASPECT score: is it an indication for thrombectomy?
  • Thrombectomy: full technique: yes or no?
  • Thrombectomy: is selection mandatory?



  • New devices & Innovations
  • New interventional imaging technologies