LINNC Masterclass series

Educational needs

The Interventional Neuroradiology (INR) discipline is already well established and recognized. However alike all the medical disciplines, which are strongly linked with the technological evolution, two years is more or less the expiring period of time for understanding most of the strategical positioning of a new device. In addition, the technological progresses allow new approaches which validate or discredit some therapies and by the way impose scientific explanations for a better understanding.

The educational need for this Masterclass is based on the necessity to balance the risks and benefits of new techniques and approaches in a rapidly moving field. To reach the goal of the “Masterclass” we will go through the following item:

  • A new device needs practical training. The Class offers a practical tutorial through recorded procedures in live condition. In addition to the viewing impact, the practice is also criticized by an international faculty.
  • For each representative case which is shown in the recorded procedure, the decision to treat will be presented for arguments and subjected to debate with the faculty.
  • All new devices are analyzed in terms of results and side effects and compared with competitive treatments and experiences of the faculty.
  • Each recorded case is discussed with regards to the choice of the strategy. All kind of pertinent other strategies are discussed in order to emphasize pros and cons.
  • The decision-making process is opposed to other options in the perspective of balancing the risks and benefits for the patient, according to the literature and the faculty experience.
  • Depending on the pathology, the anatomical environment will be extensively described in order to teach the way to avoid complication exclusively based on anatomical parameters.
  • Economical parameters will be analyzed in relation with the different economies all around the world. Some expensive devices will be discussed in order to try to evaluate whether the money worth the result.