LINNC Masterclass series

The LINNC Masterclass Series consists in a series of 15 sessions started in December 2020 during which Live conditions recorded-cases was broadcast on a weekly basis. Many Guests experts were invited to trigger the discussions regarding the cases and interact with the audience through a Live chat.


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The goal of the LINNC Masterclass Series is to allow the audience following the different sessions to quickly balance the risks and benefits of new techniques and approaches in the rapidly moving field of Interventional Neuroradiology through the viewing of cases recorded in LIVE conditions and the critical analysis of experts Guests from the LINNC Faculty. The discussions and analysis will explore different facets of the treatment strategy though the vision and experience of the guests experts such as the decision to treat, the analysis of all new devices in terms of results and side effects, pros and cons of side strategies, assessment of the decision-making process opposed to other options in the perspective of balancing the risks and benefits for the patient, the anatomical environment in order to teach the way to avoid complication and economical parameters will be analyzed in relation with the different economies all around the world. Some expensive devices will be discussed in order to try to evaluate whether the money worth the result.