M1 Occlusion with severe NIH managed with BADASS technique: the so-called “full technique”

LINNC China's replay

November 9, 2022 - 18:45-19:10

Jianmin LIU, Jacques MORET, Laurent SPELLE, Wei HU, Liqun JIAO, Pengfei YANG, Peng GAO

Recorded case from Bicêtre Hospital

Seven years after thrombectomy was established as the best treatment for cerebral artery occlusion, what are the specific problems with the M1 segment location?

As M1 thrombectomy is very common, it seemed obvious to devote a session to it at Linnc China 2022. It was also an ideal opportunity to present the INR Trial Book 2021, which summarizes all the evidence-based medicine data on ischemic stroke that form the clinical basis of modern INR practice, before looking at the case of a 47-year-old male who had a car accident and who presented a huge stroke on the DWI on arrival, and watching how he was treated, using the BADASS technique.


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