Efficacy of Onyx™ embolization for the endovascular management of cerebral arteriovenous malformations

Have you ever wondered about results from the use of Onyx™ embolization alone as a curative treatment or Onyx™ embolization as a pre-treatment in either neurosurgery or radiosurgery?


These are the questions that Prof. Christophe Cognard addresses with Dr Saleh Lamin in this provocative discussion presented during the Medtronic sponsored symposium during LINNC Paris 2022. Prof. Cognard looks at the clinical results from a 3-year study he presented exploring the management of the cAVM using Onyx.


Learn why they waited 3-years for final results and why these results when they came were a surprise – in a vast majority of the cases studied here Onyx embolization alone was shown to cure a brain AVM with a low risk of morbidity and mortality. What were the results in the radiosurgery and neurosurgery arm? And how and why did these results differ from other studies? What is the next step? Find out by entering the discussion here….


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