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During the LINNC Paris 2023 symposium held on June 6th, Stryker showcased an impressive range of solutions from its portfolio for physicians to effectively address complex intracranial aneurysms. These offerings include advanced techniques such as the Neuroform Atlas™ Stent System, Surpass Evolve™ Flow Diverter and the recently acquired Contour Neurovascular System™.
Designed for the long-term
Brian Jankowitz from the University of Pennsylvania presented compelling 3-year follow-up data on the Neuroform Atlas Stent System. Jankowitz highlighted the extensive research conducted on this stent, which is considered one of the most extensively studied aneurysm neck bridging devices. The results demonstrated excellent long-term efficacy, with an impressive 90% effectiveness rate observed in the anterior cohort. Only one patient required retreatment, illustrating the durability of the device. Furthermore, safety outcomes were highly promising, with only one unrelated major stroke (contralateral) occurring after the initial 12-month period (resolved without any symptoms).
3-year follow-up data on NeuroformTM Atlas Stent System - Brian JANKOWITZ


Neuroform atlas 36 month composite effectiveness measure


Surpass EvolveTM Flow Diverter: Long term follow-up from first human use - Patrick NICHOLSON
Getting experienced to Surpass
During the second lecture Patrick Nicholson shared exciting updates on the early utilization of the Surpass Evolve Flow Diverter. Notably, he highlighted the pioneering work of Vitor Pereira, who performed the first in-human cases with this flow diverter in Toronto April 2019. Nicholson delved into the stent's design, emphasizing the braid angle and the availability of exceptionally long stents, which have proven highly beneficial for giant aneurysms. He further emphasized the ease of delivery and the precise deployment which is achievable with this device.
In a cohort comprising 95 cases, the reported technical success rate was an impressive 100%. These initial findings demonstrate promising early safety and efficacy outcomes. Furthermore, a multicenter prospective evaluation is currently underway to comprehensively assess the long-term performance and benefits of Surpass Evolve Flow Diverters.



Contour Neurovascular System
Stryker's recent acquisition of Cerus Endovascular marks a significant milestone in their pursuit of innovative Neurovascular solutions. During a presentation by Pr. Monika Killer-Oberpfalzer, a renowned expert in intrasaccular devices, the remarkable Contour Neurovascular System was presented. Killer-Oberpfalzer conducted a comprehensive comparison between the Contour Neurovascular system and the WEB embolization device, highlighting the unique features of Contour, particularly its’ ease of use and simplified sizing matrix.
Comparison of ContourTM Neurovascular SystemTM and WEB Devices - Monika KILLER-OBERPFALZER


In addition to discussing the device's characteristics, Killer-Oberpfalzer shared compelling data from the Salzburg experience, demonstrating excellent safety outcomes and an impressive 90% adequate occlusion rate.
With the inclusion of this intrasaccular device in its’ portfolio, Stryker now offers a comprehensive and highly efficient range of solutions for the management of hemorrhagic stroke. This acquisition further solidifies Stryker's commitment to providing cutting-edge tools and technologies for improving patient outcomes.



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