Literature Review

Use of imaging to select patients for late window endovascular therapy

This is an extraordinary paper by one of the leaders in the field. It is a perfect review of the actual status of advanced imaging for late window stroke. It talked about CTP, MRI and CT, the thresholds of the first two modalities and the technical issues when evaluating the data.

It is no doubt that automated software and artificial intelligence (AI) have become and unevaluable tool in the diagnosis and workflow for stroke. In a matter of seconds, we can now have in our (and all the stroke team) cellular phones all the data about an incoming stroke patient, giving invaluable help to the decision making and therapy process. No need for difficult post processing and time-consuming process. This is a huge topic in neuro imaging, that will transform stroke, imaging and other fields in medicine.  The only thing than we can spec for the future is just better tools and software overcoming some of the small pitfalls and problems that we can found nowadays.