LINNC Paris 2020

Dear colleagues,

The Covid is too strong. In addition to the corporeal, spiritual and economical dommages it does change our way of life and probably for a long time!

Due to this sad and anxiolytic context, we did organise a "hybrid LINNC course version" mixing real audience on site in the Carrousel du Louvre and virtual audience on the Web. This temporary modification of the LINNC identity was supposed to overcome the Covid influence. The French government has taken the decision to initiate a new lockdown procedure until the end of November. This decision is forcing us to cancel the LINNC course for the year 2020.

We feel sorry to stop brutally your enthusiasm to participate to the LINNC and make it a very successful event, but to the impossible no one is bound !!

We will see you for sure next year in Paris in 2021.


Jacques Moret and Laurent Spelle

Jacques Moret
Laurent Spelle