LINNC Live talks


Why should online learning be drab and one way?
Let LINNC Live Talks show you just how exciting, interactive – and meaningful – an online educational experience can be! Join us, on the 29 and 30 November 2021.

A new opportunity now exists to share clinical experience and participate in an interactive meeting with your fellow specialists – an online experience that offers the spontaneity of a live meeting, the scientific rigor of an academic session and the convenience of your office, home or hospital…

LINNC brings you LINNC Live Talks! 

The fruit of years of experience with live and hybrid courses, LINNC Live Talks offers you a rich exchange of clinical expertise and cutting-edge knowledge covering all the key subjects of interest to neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons and specialists interested in the endovascular treatment of neurological diseases.

Over two days, LINNC LIVE TALKS will create an interactive experience like no other you’ve seen before.

From a professional television studio, Professors Jacques Moret and Laurent Spelle lead a panel of 8 international experts discussing a series of challenging and specially recorded “live” cases on such subjects as stroke, aneurysm, AVM or AVF. 

A dedicated “virtual video room”– created especially for LINNC Live Talks participants – will allow you to enter directly into the discussion. An online environment that is custom made for an easy and open exchange of questions, ideas and experience.

Highlights include: 

  • Two sessions of 4 hours each, taking place in the morning and in the afternoon Paris time (CEST) to allow participation from throughout the world, regardless of time zone. 
  • Each session will comprise 4 different pre-recorded cases, presented by Professors Jacques Moret and Laurent Spelle and then discussed by international experts with experts changing for the second day to offer additional perspectives. 
  • Committed to being interactive, after the initial presentation and discussion, the virtual video room is open to all participants. Online moderation by an experienced neuroradiologist will ensure the continuity and content of the discussion that follows. 

When clinical questions are too important to wait – LINNC Live Talks lets you ask the experts right away…with answers you can take home immediately!


Jacques Moret
Laurent Spelle

Jacques Moret and Laurent Spelle