Wallaby / phenox announces global launch of the pEGASUS HPC Stent System - the first laser-cut, open-cell stent device with antithrombogenic HPC coating technology

September 6, 2022

Nice, France (September 7, 2022). Wallaby / phenox has announced the successful global launch of their novel pEGASUS HPC stent at the ESMINT 2022 congress in Nice, France. The introduction of the pEGASUS stent enables more patients to benefit from the HPC surface modification in stent-assisted coiling treatments as well as intracranial atherosclerotic diseases (ICAD) and dissections. The application of the surface modification to the stent results in enhanced safety by significantly reducing thrombogenic complications. 

“The benefits offered by surface modification are exceptional and similar to those in flow diverter devices such as the p64 MW HPC. HPC enables us to use single antiplatelet therapy in selected cases per IFU and in turn reduces hemorrhagic complications.” – Dr. Holtmannspötter, Head of Neuroradiology, Klinikum Nuremberg, Germany

The pEGASUS HPC stent is the first stent of its kind to introduce coating technology for the treatment of ICAD and aneurysms. Thus, the pEGASUS HPC addresses multiple indications whilst providing all the benefits of classic laser-cut, open-cell stents and adding increased patient safety.

The stent is compatible with 0.0165” or 0.017” ID catheters enabling access to distal lesions. The uniform cell design allows easy crossing and dense coiling without the need for additional microcatheters. Its unique open-cell structure guarantees flexibility and advanced kink resistance to ensure good wall apposition even in tortuous anatomy.

“With the introduction of the pEGASUS HPC, Wallaby / phenox is committed more than ever to being the driving force of innovation in the neurovascular field. We will continue providing doctors with solutions that lead to the best possible outcome for the patient.” – Michael Alper, CEO, Wallaby Medical

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