CERENOVUS Launches NIMBUS™ Geometric Clot Extractor to Remove Tough Clots

October 7, 2020

IRVINE, CA – October 7, 2020 – CERENOVUS, part of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies*, today announced the European launch of CERENOVUS NIMBUS™, designed to remove tough clots for successful revascularization in patients with acute ischemic stroke caused by a large vessel occlusion.

Ischemic strokes account for 85%1 of all strokes and up to 46%2 are caused by a large vessel occlusion (LVO). Strokes caused by LVO have devasting consequences – they are responsible for 60% of patient dependency due to disability and more than 90% of mortality.3

Mechanical thrombectomy (MT), a minimally invasive procedure, is the recommended treatment option for acute ischemic stroke4; however, successful recanalization is not achieved within 3 passes or not at all, in approximately 25% of thrombectomy cases10 due, in some cases, to the inability to remove a tough clot. Each attempt is associated with an increased risk of vessel injury and potential impact on clinical outcomes.

CERENOVUS Nimbus is designed to remove tough clot.[*]5 The device is designed with two different design features6 to maximize tough clot removal[†]: a proximal spiral section and distal barrel section6. The spiral section is specifically designed to maximize blood vessel lumen coverage and device-clot interaction7, providing engagement with the clot and facilitate dislodgement of resistant clots[‡]8. Through this unique design6 NIMBUS has the potential to improve reperfusion rates and reduce the number of passes required in tough clot cases, which may lead to improvement in patient outcomes8

“The performance of MT devices varies according to the composition and characteristics of the occluding thrombus and we know that retrieving fibrin rich clots and restoring flow is challenging,” said Dr. Hannes Nordmeyer, Radprax Neurocenter, Solingen, Germany**. “Having a device specifically designed to retrieve tough clots for successful revascularization may improve clinical outcomes and advance stroke treatment.”

NIMBUS is the latest addition to join CERENOVUS Stroke Solutions™ - a suite of technologies designed with compatibility in mind to help physicians perform mechanical thrombectomy procedure. Launched at ESMINT 2020, CERENOVUS Stroke Solutions™, includes CEREBASE™ DA Guide Sheath, EMBOVAC™ Catheter and EMBOTRAP III Revascularization Devices.

“Using the research from our Neuro Thromboembolic Initiative (NTI), we have been able to address the critical unmet clinical need of tough clot retrieval,” said Mark Dickinson**, Worldwide President, CERENOVUS. “NIMBUS gives physicians an additional treatment option for tough clot composition. Our latest innovation demonstrates our commitment to ensuring physicians have the most advanced tools in their hands to change the trajectory of stroke.”

Strokes are the second leading cause of death globally, with estimates suggesting that by 2035 the number of stroke deaths across Europe will increase by 45%9. Over half of stroke survivors become chronically disabled, jeopardizing their quality of life and placing an economic burden on healthcare systems. In the European Union alone the total cost of stroke was estimated at €45 billion in 20159.

CERENOVUS, part of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, is a global leader in neurovascular care. Our commitment to changing the trajectory of stroke is inspired by our long heritage and dedication to helping physicians protect people from a lifetime of hardship. CERENOVUS offers a broad portfolio of devices used in the endovascular treatment of hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke. For more information, visit and connect on LinkedIn and Twitter .

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[*] A tough clot is an adherent, durable thrombus that has high stiffness making it resistant to endovascular thrombectomy. General characteristics of these clots are that they are fibrous and consist of few RBCs.  In vitro thrombectomy simulation with tough clots result in inferior revascularization rates compared to more compliant clots.

[†] Tough clot defined as per TR426 Rev 1, Sept 2020

[‡] *in vitro study Fennell VS, Setlur Nagesh SV, Meess KM, et al. What to do about fibrin rich ‘tough clots? Comparing the Solitaire stent retriever with a novel geometric clot extractor in an in vitro stroke model". Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery 2018;10:907-910.

* The Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies comprise the surgery, orthopaedics, vision and interventional solutions businesses. CERENOVUS is part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies.

** Dr. Hannes Nordmeyer a paid consultant to CERENOVUS

***Mark Dickinson is an employee of Biosense Webster, Inc.

Important Information: Prior to use, refer to the instructions for use supplied with these devices for indications, contraindications, side effects, warnings and precautions.

154104-200924 EMEA



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