1st Pass Success with NeVa™ "M1S" (4.0 x 22 mm) after failure of 2 different devices

July 31, 2019

Watch this clinical case report from a 75 year old female patient presented with NIHSS of 19 presented 4 hours after symptom onset.

It was noted that the patient had had a knee implant surgery 3 days prior to her stroke. Additional risk factors included: Coronary Heart Failure, Hypertension, Diabetes, Atrial fibrillation.

On admission CT ASPECTS was 10.

Imaging confirmed distal left MCA occlusion.

Professor Geyik and the Medical Park team decided to treat the patient with thrombectomy.
Since the occlusion was in a relatively distal branch, Dr Geyik initially tried two different brands of 3mm OD stent retriever devices. Following the failure of these two devices at achieving recanalization, he decided to give the shortest NeVa (M1S - 4 mm x 22 mm) a try. Full recanalization (TICI 3) was possible in a single NeVa pass.

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