Tribute to Jean-Jacques MERLAND

Prof. Jean Jacques MERLAND

Death of Pr Jean-Jacques MERLAND on May 17, 2023

After eighty-one years of biological life, Prof. Jean-Jacques MERLAND has become a legend in the history of French and international Interventional Neuroradiology. He knew how to imbibe the visionary character of his mentor Prof. René Djindjian, father of our discipline, while measuring the importance of the therapeutic revolution that had just been born. He devoted his professional life to NRI, participating widely in its development and teaching without any borders.

Jean-Jacques Merland, for his second « post-organic life » , will remain at the same time a totem, an emblem and a symbol of the INR. The brilliance of his life as a doctor does not make us forget that above all he was a man of heart whose personal and family life remains an example of open-mindedness, openness to the world and its differences, in an ocean of generosity.