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In this podcast, Nanthiya Sujijantarat invites worldwide experts in neuro intervention to discuss the difficulties they face, the complications they have had to manage, and to openly address little-discussed, sometimes controversial, or still taboo subjects.

EPISODE #1: Francisco Mont'Alverne uncensored interview

In this inaugural episode, Francisco Mont'Alverne discusses the healthcare situation in Brazil and its impact on thrombectomy procedures. The episode explores the ethical dilemma of patient selection for mechanical thrombectomy in a country with a population of 230 million and only 5 hospitals practicing MT. Dr. Mont'Alverne also shares his views on health policies in Brazil, emphasizing the role of doctors in advocating for healthcare.


EPISODE #2: Stavropoula Tjoumakaris uncensored interview

In this second episode, Stavropoula Tjoumakaris addresses, among other topics, the crucial role of mentors in guiding and inspiring young fellow attendings, interventionalists, or neurosurgeons. She delves into perspectives on AI, simulation, and robotics, along with opportunities brought by OCT technology. Additionally, she shares insights into the personal challenges of balancing family and career. Dive in now to discover much more in this episode!




Let yourself be carried away through the personal journey of world leaders and pioneers in the fields of neurointerventional surgery, interventional radiology, and endovascular neurosurgery.

Among other experiences and confidences, we will bring you through the 3 cases that have marked their professional career: from the very first to the very last case, passing by the most enriching and challenging. Find out how these cases have influenced their entire career.


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