Now “live” from Seoul, South Korea. LINNC Asia 2023 Seminar!

LINNC Asia seminar comes to Seoul

This year marks a milestone as the LINNC Asia seminar comes to Seoul, South Korea, for the very first time.

Hosted by our renowned course directors, Professors Jacques Moret, Laurent Spelle, and Vitor Mendes Pereira, this seminar promises to be a remarkable gathering of minds in the world of neurointervention in the vibrant city of Seoul.

Moving the seminar to different locations can help diversify the experiences and perspectives of attendees, as well as provide access to new expertise and research from the region, notably this year with the invaluable contributions of local faculty experts Dr. Hae Woong Jeong and Dr. Yong-sam Shin. It's a great way to promote collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between international and local participants.

The Course directors


The event offers an exceptional opportunity to explore the latest developments, share insights, and engage in dynamic discussions on cutting-edge techniques and technologies. Prof. Pereira introduced the use of “Neuro-specific OCT technology” in our field.

This high-resolution intravascular imaging technology will drastically change the way we evaluate our treatments said Prof. Spelle. This new imaging technology provides an unmatched visualization of infra-clinical malapposition and thrombus formation.


Neuro-specific OCT technology


The recipe for the success of LINNC Seminars remains unchanged. It is based on many recorded cases covering various key aspects of the whole field of INR followed by vivid discussions in a friendly and open atmosphere.

During the sponsored symposium sessions Hal Rice presented analysis from the Medtronic’s Inpire-A flow-diverter registry, Tran Chi Cuong shared his experience with the BALT CatchView stent retriever and finally the Microvention symposium focused on WEBs by Dr Kang and FRED X again by Dr Rice.

many recorded cases covering various key aspects of the whole field of INR


The dark side of INR

In the afternoon, a special session was held – probably the most important one for the audience – aka “The dark side of INR”. For an hour, faculty members focused on complication management. These cases are often ignored during interventional conferences but during the LINNC Seminars they are openly discussed with honesty and transparence.

Join us again tomorrow in Seoul for this unique journey at the intersection of medicine and innovation, where the brightest minds in interventional neuroradiology come together to redefine the future of patient care!



Report by Dr Jildaz Caroff


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