LINNC US Seminar is transformed – and LINNC Americas is born!

Finally, the Americas – all the Americas – have their own interventional neuroradiology seminar!

By popular demand, our well-received North American course, LINNC US seminar is expanding its horizons, transforming and becoming LINNC Americas 2019. It will take place in Miami, Florida from March 22nd to 23rd, 2019.

This new venue offers the very best for all our participants. Besides being known for its good weather and beautiful beaches, Miami is a leading global city with a reputation in science, research and the arts – a multicultural and dynamic location for LINNC Americas. Well served and offering an easier access to our colleagues from throughout South, Central and North America, our move is in response to what we have heard from participants during our other seminars and seminars and underlines the international and cross-border nature of the work we advance together.

Interventional neuroradiology has entered a new maturity and with that comes a renewed commitment from all of us at the LINNC family of neuroradiology, neurology and neurosurgery courses to ensure that the quality of information and the expertise gained from years of practice is effectively transmitted and openly exchanged. To do this, we continually work to develop the curriculum and fine-tune our pedagogical approach so that those who participate in any LINNC seminar come away with a take-home experience that can immediately and positively influence their practice.

Aside from offering a venue for all our colleagues throughout the Americas, the central and motivating force in LINNC Americas will be this very spirit that equally defines all LINNC seminars:

  • An open exchange of knowledge and experience;
  • The quality, quantity and diversity of the pre-recorded cases. This case library ensures that the interaction with the audience and expert panels will be strengthened by concrete examples designed to illustrate the most complex situations and respond to any of your questions;
  • The willingness of all participants, from the leading professors to youngest fellows to learn together.

This is the LINNC spirit and this is – with your participation – why we believe LINNC Americas will be the leading course for interventional neuroradiology, neurology and neurosurgery in the Western Hemisphere!

We look forward to seeing you in Miami!

Jacques Moret & Laurent Spelle

Course Directors