LINNC Paris 2023


LINNC PARIS 2023: Assuming our New Maturity


For several decades now, LINNC Paris has been a central player in the field of interventional neuroradiology, neurology and neurosurgery. LINNC Paris has provided a generation of INR specialists with a platform where they have gained clinical insights and tools that help them offer the best care and management of their patients.

At LINNC, we remember the initial years of tumult and exciting change. The vindication by evidence-based medicine, followed by the laying of groundwork for the further expansion of our treatments, lead to the solidification of INR as the dynamic specialty it is today. Through the years, we have grown from the live Paris Course to a community that encompasses specialists throughout the world, with local seminars in Asia and North America and with our website, LINNC Online that acts as a magnet for our fellow INR practitioners, uniting us in the single goal of advancing our specialty.

But with this new maturity comes the responsibility of challenging ourselves to remain relevant and vital: to continue to look towards the future and the ongoing development of our specialty, while ensuring that we always offer the highest quality of care available at the present time.

At LINNC Paris 2023 we have done our utmost to accomplish this in several significant ways:

First, as always, through the quality of the Course itself; through our cases, the depth and experience of our faculty and our openness to exchange and sharing of knowledge.

Second, in the new edition of the much in demand LINNC Trials Book, the incredible compendium of where we’ve been and where we’re going in INR. It is a handy reference for the trials, studies and registries that have laid the foundation for evidence-based INR practice – and continue to do so today. This new edition, more than double the size of the previous one, is a testament to the high level of activity that INR is known for.

Finally, this year we will be offering our special “Course Directors’ Choice” scientific sessions in the main arena, allowing you to hear expert viewpoints and experience confronting current clinical challenges and possible emerging technical solutions. With several sessions during the Course, these will include such topics as remote-controlled microcatheters, miniaturized intravascular OCT or future treatment of cerebral veins – check out the program! And don’t forget, there is also a new dedicated space in the Carrousel du Louvre industry exhibit hall where you can discover start-ups and see what they are creating and engage with their developers.

But, perhaps, most importantly as we turn towards the future, this year our renewal takes on a very personal note with the appointment of our new Course Co-Director, Vitor Mendes Pereira. His experience as a long-time member of the faculty, his reputation as a clinician, a teacher and a pioneer in cutting-edge technologies and their application to our field, leave little doubt as to the quality and vision that Prof. Mendes Pereira brings to the LINNC family, ensuring both the legacy and expansion of LINNC and INR.

Maturity yes, but an active one as you can and will see, and all these elements come together at LINNC. With renewed discipline and vision, together we can plot the pathway for the future of INR and we look forward to seeing you and sharing our collective clinical experience and knowledge, all with the goal of providing the best for our patients.

Welcome to LINNC Paris 2023, welcome to our community!



Jacques Moret, Laurent Spelle & Vitor Mendes Pereira

Jacques Moret, Laurent Spelle & Vitor Mendes Pereira