Discover a stimulating experience of interventional neuroradiology and neurology from around the world – DAY 2 in Paris

Treating challenging aneurysms – live from China, Canada and back to France in a day of sharing experiences… and community!

Live – from China 

The second day of LINNC Paris 2021 started in Beijing, China, with two interesting live cases of aneurysms.

The team managed by Professor Hongqi ZHANG performed a flow diversion case using a flow diverter (FD) to treat a large carotid siphon aneurysm. The expert panel discussed the importance of wall apposition and Dyna-CT techniques.

They then treated a challenging carotid aneurysm at the bifurcation of a persistent trigeminal artery using a laser-cut stent and coils. The carotid also had a fusiform aneurysm that was previously treated with an FD. Here, they discussed FD or artery occlusion strategies.

Live – from China
Dr. Adam Arthur

Aneurysms: to treat or not to treat? 

Then we continued with Dr. Adam ARTHUR speaking on an essential topic for every physician in the field of interventional neuroradiology and neurosurgery: Aneurysm Decision Making – Safety versus Efficacy. This presentation led to an important and long discussion between world experts and Dr. ARTHUR.

Stents and biological FD 

The morning was followed by the Balt Symposium with presentations on the biological enhancement of flow diverters and evaluation of the LEO+ in the treatment of intracranial aneurysms

Tribute to Luc PICARD

Professor Jacques MORET offered a singular and moving tribute in honor of Professor Luc PICARD, who was without a doubt a pioneer in the world of interventional neuroradiology. 

Meanwhile in Paris

During the morning we also saw the two first live cases of the day from Bicêtre Hospital in Paris with the teams of Professor Jacques MORET and Professor Laurent SPELLE.  

The first case was an unusual ruptured occipital brain AVM planned for a liquid embolic embolization with a Scepter Mini by Dr. Cristian MIHALEA. However, due to the presentation of the AVM, a safe embolization was not possible through arterial access. This gave the opportunity to discuss the limits of the arterial approach, and to understand the reasoning of the expert panel confronted with the necessity of finding a new approach.  

Tribute to Luc Picard

The second case, an unruptured distal anterior cerebral artery aneurysm, was treated by Professor Laurent SPELLE using a flow diverter stent. Once again this year radial access was preferred but access was difficult because of carotid tortuosity.

We also had the chance to watch live a rare case of a direct puncture of an endolymphatic tumor for glue embolization. 

Live case from Toronto


After the lunch break, the meeting resumed with a Symposium from Medtronic presenting the new technology of the Pipeline embolization device.

Paris – Toronto (part 1)

First, the team of Bicêtre led by Dr. Jildaz CAROFF performed a “shouldering” braided stenting on a large incidental right MCA aneurysm (radial approach). Discussion was focused on the diversion effect of a braided stent and, of course, the different technical possibilities.

Then, we watched the Toronto team with Professor Vitor MENDES PEREIRA performing the second live case with robotics at LINNC 2021. The aneurysm was a large ACOM aneurysm, initially planned to be treated with a laser-cut stent and coiling. Once again the potential of robotics in INR seems limitless!  

More innovations!

Between the afternoon cases we saw the Stryker Symposium on Surpass Evolve Flow Diverter and remote proctoring. Finally, in the last case of the day from Paris, Professor Jacques MORET and his team treated a challenging wide-neck incidental right MCA aneurysm using an innovative intrasaccular flow diverting device, which prompted an interesting discussion with the expert panel.

To conclude this wonderful day at the Louvre in Paris, we witnessed the Ceremony Awards to LINNC Partners.

And now it is time for us to enjoy our evening with the social gathering of LINNC Paris 2021 at the Jeu de Paume located in the Tuileries’ Garden in the heart of Paris, with great company, in a magnificent setting!

We are looking forward to meeting you again for Day 3 of LINNC Paris 2021! 



Jonathan Cortese

Jonathan Cortese