LINNC Paris 2021

LINNC Paris 2021 Live centers

LINNC Paris offers participants an immersive and interactive experience with live cases, giving international and totally accessible educational experience.


From renowned hospital centers around the world leading experts share their individual approaches to critical clinical challenges “live” and in real-time: 
• Learn how to choose a strategy
• Participate in the open discussions led by a panel of specialists commenting on the live case, leaving the operator fully free to concentrate on his patient.

Each case is carefully prepared to the highest ethical and clinical standards to ensure patient safety and a maximum of knowledge for the participants.

LINNC Paris 2021 - Live centers

Paris, France
Team managed by Jacques Moret & Laurent Spelle
NEURI The Brain Vascular Center - Bicêtre Hospital
Paris Saclay University

Toronto, Canada
Team managed by Vitor Mendes Pereira
St Michael’s Hospital - Unity Health Toronto
University of Toronto

Beijing, China
Team managed by Hongqi Zhang
Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University


NEURI - Hôpital Bicêtre
St Michael’s Hospital - Unity Health Toronto
Xuan Wu Hospital

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