LINNC Seminar 2018 - Asia Edition

LINNC Seminar 2018 - Asia Edition

Join us for the third edition of the LINNC Seminar in Asia and improve patient care by sharing clinical experiences together with renowned international experts!


16-17 November, 2018, at the National Museum of Singapore.


LINNC Seminar 2018 in Singapore is the Asian meeting of the LINNC family  of neuroradiology and neurosurgery courses and LINNC online. With decades of educational experience, LINNC actively creates a spirited, interactive and open environment for learning where participants are provided with the perfect balance of clinical knowledge, prerecorded demonstrations and state-of-the-art technology – all with the goal of advancing your practice today.

  • Day 1, morning: Aneurysm / Ischemic stroke management
  • Day 1, afternoon: Brain AVM’s: how to manage? When to treat? / Dural Fistula / Stroke / Unruptured brain aneurysms management
  • Day 2, morning: Bifurcation Y stenting vs Flow Diverter / Venous occlusion from artery or from vein?
  • Day 2, afternoon: Particular cases / New devices & Innovations / Decision making / Stroke

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