Wrap-up: More patients, less disability

The clinical success of the recent – and revolutionary – DAWN trial expanded the treatment window for mechanical thrombectomy (MT) from 6 to 24 hours. Along with earlier trials, the efficacy of MT is now accepted, and today our challenge is how to offer MT to as many patients as possible while continuing to improve the efficacy of the technique itself.

Join Professors Christophe Cognard (Toulouse, France) and Anastasios Mpotsaris (Aachen, Germany) as discuss possible avenues for improving care and consider 3 challenges facing interventional neuroradiology today:
The time window – how much time do we really have?
Imaging – how much detail do we really need?
Technique – How can we “further raise the bar for first-pass efficacy through the continued optimization of MT itself”?

Examine the inclusion criteria in the DAWN trial and understand issues concerning selection and imaging; or questions about treating older clots, bleeding risk or, which core volume might be considered for future treatment in light of the incredibly low NTT score for MT demonstrated in DAWN.

How can the Stent retriever Assisted Vacuum locked Extractions or SAVE technique improve first-pass efficacy rate? Learn what it means to grab a clot distally or offer distal protection beyond the clot. Discover why the stent retriever is called the “perfect tool”, the continued importance of the balloon-guided catheter and learn about the debate between aspiration vs. stenting.

To offer more patients, less disability requires a commitment to evidence proven by research and clinical experience. Stryker, through symposiums such as this or support for the DAWN trial and the ongoing Trevo Registry, is committed to providing specialists with the framework and tools they need to evolve and improve care. Join us and re-live the high-points of this LINNC seminar 2018 and see how we can meet the challenge of offering all our patients a better future.

This interview was filmed at LINNC PARIS 2018


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