Therapies stories - Memories of aneurysm treatment

Join Michel Mawad, Mario Martinez-Galdamez, Saruhan Cerkirge, Vincent Costalat and Laurent Spelle as they describe the early use of devices in non-operable aneurysms to the clinical development of flow diversion, used today in a large range of aneurysms. They describe the introduction and evolution of the Pipeline device, a flow divertor which has proven safe, easy to use and with long-term efficacy. From improvements in technique, patient selection and imaging, join these world class experts as they describe their experience with these innovative tools for the successful treatment of aneurysms…


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Silk Vista "Mama" 1st case experience


Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke during COVID-19 Pandemic by Mario Martínez-Galdámez


Whats is your favorite device for large neck bifurcation aneurysm treatment?


Conference room 2:50:00 pm Partially thrombosed mid basilar dissecting artery aneurysm


The Australian experience with Silk vista baby by Jason Wenderoth