The EMBOTRAP® experience and First Pass efficacy in mechanical thrombectomy

What do you know about the “First Pass Concept” and the proven clinical results in the ARISE2 study? What are the implications for innovative stent retrievers like the EMBOTRAP®?


Join Osama Zaidat (USA) and Vincent Costalat (France) as they relive the recent LINNC Paris 2019 symposium dedicated to this exciting clinical idea and novel device. Learn why the EMBOTRAP® design allows for excellent results across the whole gamut of clot composition. Discover why using the EMBOTRAP® and the First Pass Concept helps push “the envelope further” in mechanical thrombectomy offering less manipulation of the vessel, less endothelial damage and a more complete reperfusion. Discover the first core lab adjudicated device with a first pass effect and why the French interventionists led by V. Costalat went from EMBOTRAP® sceptics to EMBOTRAP believers here…


This video was recorded at LINNC 2019 and is offered by CERENOVUS.


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