Supporting the cutting edge in the treatment of aneurysms – Microvention at LINNC Paris 2019

Looking for insights in treating aneurysms?
Whether its learning about the long term follow up of the WEB device, or the definitive results on Hydrogel coil technology, join moderator Istvan Szikora (Hungary) as he speaks with Laurent Pierot (France) and Guilherme Dabus (USA) about the highlights from Microvention’s symposium on the latest clinical evidences for brain aneurysm treatment.


This video was recorded at LINNC 2019 and is offered by Microvention.


Whats is your favorite device for large neck bifurcation aneurysm treatment?


Conference room 2:50:00 pm Partially thrombosed mid basilar dissecting artery aneurysm


Conference room 5:15:00 pm Thrombectomy for M1 occlusion


Conference room 8:40:00 am Multiple aneurysms - Who is the culprit?


Conference room 9:20:00 am Stent retriever for stentectomy- The jack of all trades