Philips symposium - Direct to Angio Suite Triage for Faster Treatment

In this Philips symposium presented during the LINNC Masterclass Marc Ribo and Raul Nogueira present the benefits of the Direct to Angio Suite (DTAS) approach & technology in the effort to optimize workflow for Stroke patient. They also explain the WE-TRUST study and outline the objectives behind this study.


Novel advanced 3D neuro-imaging in the Angio Suite for faster treatment of ELVOs


Conference room 5:00:00 pm AVM from posterior fossea with trigemineal neuralgia


Conference room 10:50:00 am Double access to treat a remnant of a left frontal AVM first treated 10 years ago


Conference room 1:45:00 pm AVM induced by previous improper treatment of vein of galen malformation in a child


2:00:00 pm Masterclass #9: Do all brain AVMs scare us in the same way? Could this be the "Achilles heel" of the ARUBA study?