Need to demonstrate the economic value of stroke treatments? Discover StrokEnomics!


In the context of these past five years where the clinical benefit of endovascular thrombectomy has become more and more acknowledged while its long-term cost-effectiveness remains misunderstood, Stryker has been driven to develop our own health economics programs – StrokEnomics – to help our customers make stroke care better.


The StrokEnomics center generates the evidence needed to demonstrate the economic value of both innovative acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke treatment solutions. Our goal is to ensure that these therapeutic solutions and the procedures during which they are used are properly funded and accessible to all eligible patients. An example of our recent activity was featured during a presentation at Stroke Course Tel Aviv 2019 a SLICE© Experience, where we provided evidence supporting the economic value of mechanical thrombectomy.


Demonstrating the economic value of next-generation treatments is a mandatory step towards convincing payors – health authorities in charge of reimbursement, hospital executives, etc. – to invest in both these new solutions themselves and, when needed, in necessary human resources and/or equipment.


StrokEnomics department
Stryker’s Neurovascular division


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