Effective, simple and cutting edge: the Medina Embolization Device

Discussants: Monika Killer, Saleh Lamin


Innovation in the service of the noninvasive treatment of aneurysms is highlighted as we join Saleh Lamin and Monika Killer focusing on a new, CE marked device that promises to be capable of “replacing coils” in certain procedures. Emerging evidence, increasing experience, possible indications, all are touched on in this expert’s look at tool shaping the quality of care we can offer our patients today and in the future!


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Whats is your favorite device for large neck bifurcation aneurysm treatment?


Conference room 2:50:00 pm Partially thrombosed mid basilar dissecting artery aneurysm


Conference room 5:15:00 pm Thrombectomy for M1 occlusion


Conference room 8:40:00 am Multiple aneurysms - Who is the culprit?