Confronting embolization in thrombectomy: confirmations and revelations.

How would you prevent distal embolization and/or embolization to new territories?
What about a new micro-filtration technology? A discussion led by Marc Ribo (Spain) at the recent LINNC Paris 2022 : join Paul Bhogal (UK) and Daniel Behme (Germany) as they reveal their approach to distal embolization and embolization into new territories, a problem encountered more often than most realize, in up to 40% of thrombectomies.
Find out how they define the issue as they offer their experience and strategies for controlling clot and preventing embolization. Learn about the most recent advances in tools that could provide the possibility of micro-filtration and discover how this technology could add value in the prevention of culprit micro-emboli. Is there a device missing in your armamentarium? Join Marc Ribo, Paul Bhogal, and Daniel Behme and learn more here.
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