Treat the left, save the right: the anatomic paradox

November 15, 2019 - 18:05-18:15
Conference room

Jacques MORET, Laurent SPELLE, Anchalee CHUROJANA, Tran Chi CUONG, Shoichiro ISHIHARA, Hae Woong JEONG, Victor Erwin JOCSON, Winston LIM ENG HOE, Uday LIMAYE, Thong Minh PHAM, Sirintara PONGPECH SINGHARA

Stephanie LENCK

Discover the case of a 50 years-old male with a medical history of diabetes and high blood pressure. In 2017, he suffered from a right MCA stroke, but made a good clinical recovery. In 2019, he came back for a left-sided hemiparesis, which started one day before its admission. MRI shows an occlusion of the right ICA adjacent to the PComm, and a sub occlusion of the left A1. What was the treatment’s choice? Watch the case now to find out!