LINNC 2017

Didactic case presentation of Stroke Patient

June 15, 2017 - 08:10-08:20
Conference room


Nicolas Chausson presents the case of a 81 year-old female with hypertension who was found on the ground at 6:20 pm and admitted at the stroke center at 7:35 pm.

She presented with:

  • Left hemiparesis (2-2-2)
  • Dysarthria (1)
  • Left hypoesthesia (1)
  • Left hemineglect (1)
  • Right gaze preference (1)
  • Left visual field cut (2)

Clinical presentation suggested a deep and superficial middle cerebral artery stroke of the right side...

Which treatment should be preferred? Watch this didactic case which was presented at LINNC Paris 2017.