LINNC Seminar – Asia Edition returns in full force!

Three years is a long time…

We know, because after a hiatus of too many years, LINNC Paris has taken off again – in person and with the same quality of exchange that you have come to expect from our meetings.

But we know Paris is a long way from Asia, a long way from where you live and work, and your presence and the way you practice means a lot to all of us, because that is the way we learn – sharing our experiences together.
So, for these reasons and for so many more, we are excited to announce that the LINNC Seminar – Asia Edition will be taking place again at the National Gallery Singapore on December 6 & 7, 2022!

As you know very well, interventional neuroradiology and neurosurgery have not stood still during these intervening years.
New devices have been developed that extend the advances we have already achieved; new studies have been completed that further fine tune our protocols and effect the way we approach and manage our patients.
Topics – from strokes, aneurysms or AVMs to robotics or artificial intelligence – all are constantly evolving.
No, we have not stood still, far from it, and the challenge of keeping up with this vast and varied knowledge, while continuing to treat our patients, remains daunting.

That is why LINNC developed our unique pedagogical approach – open and interactive, reactive and flexible – creating an in-person experience that is designed to have a positive impact on the way you practice right away.

For those of you who attended a LINNC Seminar in the past, you know just how creative our approach is to continuing education.
To offer a seminar that responds best to the questions and demands of the participants, we’ve put together a library of recent, pre-recorded cases that have been specially prepared and specifically chosen to illustrate a wide range of topics and clinical techniques. It is by using this resource that the 2 days of the LINNC Seminar – Asia Edition can provide a concentrated and highly focused educational experience offering practical clinical insights into the state-of-the-art practice of INR today.

But being back in person at LINNC Seminar – Asia Edition goes beyond learning, goes beyond the simple pleasures of being together again, but is a dynamic way of recommitting ourselves to the way we practice our specialty.
And that is something we owe to you, to our patients and to ourselves: to constantly recommit ourselves to our profession. And we are convinced that by coming together to share our common experience and clinical expertise we can – and will – advance in a fruitful and meaningful way for all.

So, Yes!  We are excited…and we are looking forward to seeing you again, in person, at the National Gallery Singapore, for a new edition of LINNC Seminar – Asia Edition 2022!


Jacques Moret
Laurent Spelle
Jacques MORET & Laurent SPELLE
LINNC Course Directors
Professors of Interventional Neuroradiology
NEURI, the Brain Vascular Center
Bicêtre University Hospital
Paris, France