LINNC Seminar 2022 - Americas Edition

Join us at LINNC Americas 2022 and re-energize your INR practice!

By nature, as human beings and most especially as doctors, we are social animals.

It goes without saying that while much can be accomplished by personal reflection, true education and clinical training cannot occur in a social vacuum. The essence of what we do, as we continually strive to advance our practice and serve our patients better, is to share what we know and to learn from the other members of our specialty who have acquired the experience and knowledge that we seek to obtain.

This is the heart of LINNC and the LINNC experience: working together we can offer the very latest and very best of ourselves to our patients. And this is why we have decided – fully aware and respecting all necessary precautions the global COVID syndemic places upon us – to invite you in person to Miami March 28-29,2022 for LINNC Americas 2022 edition !

When you attend LINNC AMERICAS – or any LINNC activity – you will find a course carefully designed with you in mind. LINNC AMERICAS 2022 Seminar is an educational platform that facilitates dialogue – between you and the faculty and among the faculty themselves – to elicit all the critical points of interest and the myriad of implications in each case from logistics, patient selection, intervention strategy or device choices and follow-up.

The LINNC AMERICAS 2022 Seminar is comprised of recent pre-recorded “live” cases specially chosen to illustrate critical issues in interventional neuroradiology and neurosurgery. Presented by ourselves, we will also lead the discussion with relevant commentary by leading Faculty from throughout the Americas.

Topics will include:

  • Brain AVM's;
  • Ischemic stroke management;
  • The management of unruptured brain aneurysms and wide neck side wall aneurysms;
  • The use of flow diverters in bifurcations
  • Dural malformations;
  • Thrombectomy – with discussions ranging from indications in cases of large vessel occlusions to questioning when to stop, or how far to go, when an MT strategy fails.

LINNC Paris 2021 took place in person offering an excellent hybrid meeting for those who were present or who followed us online. More to the point, it reminded us just how important it was to meet in person, and it provided us with the valuable experience of managing a medical meeting in these challenging times.

For those who cannot be with us in person in Miami, of course, you will be able to join us on LINNC online, but before you make a final decision let me ask you if you have thought of what you might be missing…

  • Have you wondered what it would be like seeing other interventional neuroradiologists again, sharing convivial moments with your fellow colleagues from throughout the Americas?
  • Do you want to openly exchange ideas and share clinical experience with your peers?
  • Do you remember what it was like to learn from seasoned mentors, your professors, or have world renown experts offering their expertise to you, in front of you in the same room – and open for discussion?
  • Would you like to see the latest tools and devices by the specialists who have experience using them, sharing their clinical expertise and techniques?
  • Wouldn’t you appreciate the spontaneity – the inspiration – of participating in an educational medical meeting again?

Think about all this – I know we have – and don’t hesitate but instead join us again at LINNC Americas 2022 and re-energize the passion and quality of your interventional neuroradiology and neurosurgery practice for you…and for your patients!


Jacques Moret
Laurent Spelle
Jacques MORET & Laurent SPELLE
LINNC Course Directors
Professors of Interventional Neuroradiology
NEURI, the Brain Vascular Center
Bicêtre University Hospital
Paris, France