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LINNC Seminar 2020 - China Edition

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参加 2020 年LINNC 中国研讨会,同享介入性神经放射学 (INR) 盛宴


2020 年 LINNC 第二届中国研讨会依托中国专家的精湛专业知识和宝贵实践经验,在刘建民教授、Jacques Moret 教授、Laurent Spelle 教授和张鸿祺教授等 LINNC 中法课程总监的密切合作下,为 INR 学科界带来一场不容错过的盛宴,欢迎你前来参加。

LINNC 第一届中国研讨会于2019 年在上海召开,共有 300 位中国医师参加,对于他们在这届大会上的所见所闻,你不妨一探究竟!这届 LINNC 研讨会是由中国专家设计制作并面向国内同行的盛会,旨在拓展大家的临床知识,分享彼此的实践经验,提供血管腔内技术及创新的最新动态和实用的技巧。

2020 年 LINNC 中国研讨会的课程总监精选了大量预先录制的临床病例,这些病例由LINNC 团队精心准备,多样性更甚以往,涵盖动脉瘤、AVM、缺血性和出血性中风、硬脑膜瘘、静脉闭塞等议题。预录病例由 Jacques Moret 和 Laurent Spelle 教授展示介绍,展示可以暂停,也可单独进行详细分析,观众和教员均可发表评论。这之后,我们设置了对话环节,无论流程多么复杂,均可在此环节分步进行详尽透彻的探讨。在这个特别的环节,我们还会回答观众的提问,响应各位的具体需求(全程配备中文同声传译)。此外,中国课程总监刘建民、张鸿祺以及他们的团队也将展示相关病例,供大家观看并探讨,与会者可以借此机会洞悉中国最前沿的临床应用视角和实践。

互动是 2020 年 LINNC 中国研讨会的主旋律。本届大会将为所有与会者带来独特的体验,知识的传授和接受始终是大会的重点,我们非常期待各位莅临参加,共同打造本届 LINNC 盛会。

这是 LINNC 研讨会首次来到北京,也是第二次来到中国!12 月 12 日和 13 日,我们相约北京


Pr Jianmin LIU, Pr Jacques MORET, Pr Laurent SPELLE, Pr Hongqi ZHANG

Kèchéng zǒngjiān


changhai hospital
second military university
NEURI - Hôpital Bicêtre
Xuan Wu Hospital
capital Medical university


Enter the INR universe – Participate in the LINNC Seminar 2020 - China Edition

This year, the world of Neurointervention clinical education is coming to Beijing!

Join us for the second edition of LINNC Seminar 2020 - China Edition; the not-to-be-missed INR meeting based on the expertise and experience of Chinese specialists, marked by the close collaboration of the Chinese and French LINNC Course Directors – Professors Jianmin Liu, Jacques Moret, Laurent Spelle, and  Hongqi Zhang.

Just ask one of the 300 Chinese physicians who participated in the first edition of LINNC Seminar - China Edition, which took place in Shanghai in 2019, and discover what they already know and learned! That LINNC Seminars – designed by and for Chinese specialists– are committed to expanding your clinical knowledge, where and how you practice, offering the latest in endovascular techniques and innovation along with practical tips and tricks.

The LINNC Seminar 2020 - China Edition Course Directors have selected a vast and increasingly diverse series of recent prerecorded clinical cases specially prepared by the LINNC Team to illustrate topics such as aneurysms, AVMs, ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, dural fistula, venous occlusions and more. The use of prerecorded cases – presented by Jacques Moret & Laurent Spelle – allows each case to be stopped, dissected, commented on by audience and faculty alike. The ensuing dialogue provides the basis for fully clarifying each step no matter how complex the procedure and offers a privileged environment to respond to the questions and specific needs of the audience (simultaneous translation to Chinese is provided). In addition, cases by Chinese Course Directors Jianmin Liu and Hongqi Zhang and their teams will be viewed and discussed, providing participants with insights into state-of-the-art Chinese clinical perspectives and practice.

Interactivity is an integral part of LINNC Seminar 2020 - China Edition. It creates an experience where the emphasis is always on education and understanding for all involved and where your presence and participation is more than welcome - it is an essential part of the LINNC experience itself.

So, please join us December 12th and 13th in Beijing for the 2nd LINNC Seminar - China Edition


Pr Jianmin LIU, Pr Jacques MORET, Pr Laurent SPELLE and Pr Hongqi ZHANG

Course Directors