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LINNC Seminar 2019 - China Edition

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2019 年介入神经放射学和神经外科学 (LINNC) 研讨会 – 中国站



世界神经外科大会 (LINNC) 多年前由囊括介入神经放射学家、神经病学家和神经外科医生的国际性创新团队创办。他们认为通过分享临床知识和经验,我们能加强理解,并推动特定神经系统疾病的血管内介入治疗。

随着介入治疗在业界取得公认的成功,LINNC 如今将倾注更多精力,向外界分享临床经验。

LINNC 中国研讨会根据神经介入治疗师的兴趣、问题和需求,专门由中国专科医生组织并参加。LINNC 研讨会致力于分享介入神经放射学技术,主要围绕真实医疗现场和治疗过程,精心筛选预先录制的病例供与会者研讨。借助这种互动体验,我们鼓励观众提问并分享个人经验。无论权威专家还是普通与会者,在病例介绍过程中,每个单独病例视频都可随时暂停,供大家探讨评论。

LINNC 中国研讨会配备课程总监,另有多位享有盛誉的业内精英全程参与会议讨论,会议内容将同步翻译为中文

LINNC 中国研讨会将涉及介入神经放射学的方方面面,着重探讨动脉瘤、动静脉畸形、缺血性脑中风、硬脑膜动静脉瘘、静脉闭塞和特定病例中出现的创新之举和近期实现的医学突破事例。

LINNC 中国研讨会将加强我们对该领域的了解,并方便所有与会人员跟业内同行相互切磋,分享临床经验。



Pr Jianmin LIU, Pr Jacques MORET, Pr Laurent SPELLE, Pr Hongqi ZHANG

Kèchéng zǒngjiān


changhai hospital
second military university
NEURI - Hôpital Bicêtre
Xuan Wu Hospital
capital Medical university


LINNC was created many years ago by an international and pioneering group of interventional neuroradiologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons. They believed that by sharing clinical knowledge and experience we could better understand and advance the endovascular treatment of certain neurological diseases.

With the recognized success of interventional procedures, LINNC is even more committed today to sharing clinical experience.

LINNC seminar China has been specially developed by and for Chinese specialists to respond to the interests, questions and needs of neurointerventionalists. Dedicated to interventional neuroradiology techniques, LINNC seminar is based on carefully chosen, pre-recorded cases of real-life conditions and procedures. It is an interactive experience in which the audience is encouraged to ask questions and share their personal experiences. Individual case videos can be stopped and commented on at any time during the presentation by both leading experts and attendees.

Along with the Course Directors, LINNC seminar China will have an eminent Chinese faculty with sessions simultaneously translated into Chinese.

LINNC seminar China will touch on all aspects of interventional neuroradiology and will focus on innovation and recent breakthroughs in aneurysm, AVMs, ischemic stroke, dural fistula, venous occlusion and particular cases.

LINNC seminar China will help increase our understanding of the field and allow all participants to compare and share clinical experience with their colleagues.

We look forward to welcoming you!


Pr Jianmin LIU, Pr Jacques MORET, Pr Laurent SPELLE and Pr Hongqi ZHANG

Course Directors