LINNC Asia 2016

LINNC Seminar 2016 - Singapore: The best of the course


LINNC Seminar 2016 - Asia Edition was held on November 18-19, 2016 in Singapore. Created and developed by the world-renowned faculty behind the LINNC courses for the neuroradiology and neurosurgery community, this first Asian edition was a true success. Relive the ambiance of the seminar and its pre-recorded cases presented in live conditions:



Jacques Moret
Laurent Spelle at LINNC 2016

LINNC Asia Seminar: when the world works together!
We are lucky.
Not just because we are practicing our specialty at a time when our deepest clinical instincts concerning the less invasive and mechanical treatment of stroke and aneurysms has been justified by clinical trials, but more than that, we have – each of us – chosen to be physicians, to be part of a profession that knows no borders in its dedication to improving patient care... read more




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