LINNC Seminar 2015 - New York: Best of the Course

LINNC seminar US edition New York
LINNC seminar US edition New York
LINNC seminar US edition New York



"Thank you New York!"
The first LINNC US Seminar is now over, and for all of us that had the opportunity to participate in this exciting new event, it was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. A success like this does not occur in a vacuum, and whether you presented your own cases or simply followed the different presentations and reports on our website, we are greatly appreciative because, as we have said many times before, it is only through your willingness to engage with us and the LINNC community that we truly advance our specialty. More and more we see that it is this idea of exchange that is at the very foundations of our meetings and the work we do here at LINNC online and I want to thank again our distinguished panel for their commitment to sharing knowledge and clinical experience with others helping create such a positive and constructive environment.

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Recorded case
Recorded case








Course videos are now available! >>Watch now


Read the  First day report by Dr. Aymeric Rouchaud
Read the  Second day overview by Dr. Jildaz Caroff


In the words of participants


"I felt that the symposium accomplished its intentions in creating an informal and interactive environment which allowed intense exchange of ideas"


"masterclass workshop with great teaching for experiential learning. I was present, I'm from Lima-Peru. I thank the organizers and especially Dr. J. Moret"


"Great meeting!"