LINNC Paris 2020

LINNC Paris 2020: Sanitary measures

In the light of recent events and given the actual sanitary situation the LINNC took the necessary actions to ensure that all the participants going to LINNC Paris will stay safe at all time. The LINNC organization will follow strictly the safety measures recommended by the government and the health authorities. Be sure that your safety during the course will remain our top priority.

  • Please note that the following sanitary measures might evolve overtime depending on the instructions of the government. Be sure that if it happens the LINNC will adjust its actions accordingly to respect the new safety guidelines.
  • Wearing a mask at all time will be compulsory. 2 masks / day will be provided by the LINNC organization to each participants.
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel will be at your disposal in every spaces of the congress to use at your convenience.
  • Specific bins will be available to throw your masks and others individual protective equipements.
  • The basic safety behaviors must be followed strictly : find the list of these behaviors in the document here .
  • The different spaces of the congress will be organized in order to adapt to the current safety measures and the desincfection of the rooms will be intensified to protect the attendees.
  • Respect strictly the walking directions to avoid crossing people, arrows will be marked on the floor to help you navigate throughout the congress – there will be dedicated entrances and exits to access the different spaces at the Caroussel.
  • The reception at the congress will be organized in a way to limit contacts between people as much as possible when you pick up your badges and documents.
  • The catering area will be set up to respect strictly the sanitary measures and allow protective behaviors.
  • Specific guidelines have been communicated to the exhibitors so that they can organize their space at the exhibition area to respect the sanitary measures as well.
  • A « sanitary risks » referent will be appointed in the organisation to ensure that all the above sanitary measures will be applied and followed strictly at all time.

We hope to welcome you on November 8-10 for the next edition of LINNC Paris in the strict respect of the sanitary measures, until then stay safe.