LINNC Paris 2020

Medtech code

Trusted-partner Medtech

In line with the new Code, Industry partners wishing to sponsor participants attendance to educational events must comply with an indirect sponsorship scheme. Sponsorship is to be offered in the form of Educational Allowances attributed through third-parties, such as:

  • Europa Group/LINNC online:
    As a trusted-partner we are equipped to receive funds from Industry Partners and allocate Educational Allowances to participants. 
    If available, you will be notified of grant possibilities via email. In specific occasions, the attribution of Educational Allowances might be carried out in the form of a Call for Applications. Submitting your work to the LINNC Calls for submissions may contribute to strengthen your application for Educational Allowances.
  • Healthcare institutions:
    Get in touch with your Healthcare Institution to find out about grant availabilities within it.

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If you wish to access detailed information about the new Code, you might refer to the  Ethical MedTech platform