LINNC Paris 2020


Let's keep LINNC Paris alive

Scientific progress and the digital revolution left us thinking that anything was possible; that one day in the not too distant future man would be immortal. For humanity, the imminent danger was nuclear, and all the politicians in the world concentrated their efforts on avoiding this well-predicted apocalypse. Then, in a fraction of a few weeks, COVID-19 left all this in shambles. Medical science was elevated to the forefront. Health personnel were promoted as heroes of humanity. A new world was announced in which a multitude used their eloquence to fill the media and answer their exacerbated egocentrism: the misfortune of many often profits the few, and nature detests a vacuum. Scientific meetings came to an abrupt halt due to our inability to travel and, depending on which country you live in, bringing human beings together was forbidden unless you remained no closer than one or two meters apart… but that’s not the real problem. All we need to do now is worship – from the comfort of our own homes –  the “Webinar Idols”; a dressed-up exhibitionism, not unlike advertisements for cosmetics – offering up our souls to Zoom, Team, Skype, WhatsApp or whatever the latest style in "video-games" happens to be.

Video conferences are modern tools, useful and promising, except when they open a Pandora’s box of suave speaking scientists or new and freshly hatched scientists in desperate need of representation and recognition. Like Covid-19, for several months this virtual world has been circulating, infiltrating our real world, and exponentially expanding by contaminated clusters of what we can only call the “why not me” brigade.

We categorically refuse “Webinars” if they are to become the "fashionable" form of exchanging scientific information. The disembodiment preached by the virtual, attacks the very essence of – not the scientific spirit, no, but the very spirit of science itself. Science evolves and grows through human contact by the confrontation of talent and ideas. – this is the true melting pot where, through discussion and controversy, each individual measures the strength, weakness or sincerity of the other. Nothing can or could replace that perception of mimicry, the sensation of a direct or elusive gaze, the hesitation we experience by the simple presence of another human being close by us. Disembodied and “Webinarized!” scientific meetings represent the nightmarish loss of human contact – an essential factor in the elusive power of the spirit that binds the women and men who desire to work together and learn together.

In this potentially unfavorable context of a pandemic, where the efforts of all countries seem to have managed to contain this "mad virus", we take up the challenge to keep LINNC PARIS alive. The soul of our course is to be “live” among the living, sharing scientific progress, eye to eye, armed with the truth of our lives and discussed “live” and in person.

Join us then – November 2020 in Paris – and share with us this militant gesture, that the existence of face-to-face congresses may live on and that the fashion of “webinars" stays where it belongs, as a simple screen for sharing information and popularizing scientific culture, devoid of ulterior motives for self-promotion.


Jacques Moret
Laurent Spelle

Jacques MORET & Laurent SPELLE
LINNC Course Directors
Professors of Interventional Neuroradiology
NEURI, the Brain Vascular Center
Bicêtre University Hospital
Paris, France