LINNC Masterclass series

Masterclass #5

I am an osteodural dural malformation: what does that mean? How do you treat me?


January 14, 2020 - 2PM to 3:10PM (UTC+1)

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Masterclass Guests

Edoardo Boccardi

Edoardo Boccardi
Hospital Niguarda
Milano, Italy

Orlando M. DIAZ

Orlando DIAZ
Houston Methodist Hospital
Houston, USA


Vitor Pereira
Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

Masterclass Coordinators

Jacques Moret

Jacques Moret
NEURI, the Brain Vascular Center, Bicêtre Hospital
Paris, France

Laurent Spelle

Laurent Spelle
NEURI, the Brain Vascular Center, Bicêtre Hospital,
Paris, France


How to connect

The access is FREE for all the participants. Only requirement to connect to the LIVE stream will be to have a LINNC Online account. If you don't have one already, you can create one here .