Masterclass #4: I am a bifurcation aneurysm: do I prefer being in cage or do I prefer being the cage: Y-stenting vs WEB

Replay of Masterclass #4

January 7, 2021 - 14:00-15:20

Christophe COGNARD, Ricardo HANEL, Vitor MENDES PEREIRA, Jacques MORET, Laurent SPELLE

For the first Masterclass in 2021, Profs. Laurent Spelle and Jacques Moret receive Interventional Neuroradiology experts Christophe Cognard, Ricardo Hanel and Vitor Mendes Pereira to discuss about treatment strategies and devices used in the management of bifurcation aneurysms.

3 cases to explore different methods to manage these type of aneurysms, variables to assess in the decision making to treat or not and which procedure is the best between Y-stenting and the use of WEB/remodelling technique in each situation.

The 4th LINNC Masterclass of the series was followed by a Stryker symposium presented by Dr. Brian Jankowitz and analyzing data on the devices used in the treatment of bifurcation aneurysms.